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Expertis Dominican Republic joins forces with Fundación de Arte Arawak, Inc. to promote Dominican Art

February 2, 2018 – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Expertis Dominican Republic, Dejarden Valenzuela Molina & Salcedo (DVMS), and Fundación de Arte Arawak, Inc. have joined forces to promote Dominican Art in the Dominican Republic, Panama and Central America. Through this agreement, Expertis would undertake the representation of artists that would otherwise not be able to secure legal representation, showcase their artwork in its offices and jointly organize events of interest to the art and legal communities. “We share two great passions – law and art”, said Gabriel Dejarden, on behalf of Dominican partners, Polibio Valenzuela, Christian Molina and Edward Salcedo, and Fundación Arawak’s chair Mildred Canahuate. He added, “By enabling emerging artists to display their artwork in various venues and representing their legal interests on a pro-bono basis, we want to assist individuals that dedicate their life to create beautiful and innovative artwork to realize their fullest potential. Their work impregnates our homes, work spaces and lives with a touch of passion and inspiration, therefore we wanted to support them and be part of the art community’s vitality and continuous reinvention.”

About Expertis Dominican Republic- Dejarden Valenzuela Molina & Salcedo (DVMS):

Expertis Dejarden Valenzuela Molina & Salcedo (DVMS) is a full-service firm with outstanding capabilities in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, financial services, labor law, capital markets, trusts, real estate, sports law, intellectual property, arbitration and civil and commercial litigation. The global experience of its senior members and the lean structure of the firm provide clients unparalleled value. Dejarden Valenzuela Molina & Salcedo (DVMS) is the Dominican Republic office of Expertis.

About Expertis:

Expertis is one of the Central American and Caribbean’s broadest and strongest integrated legal practices. With eight (8) offices in seven (7) countries, the firm is notorious for its regional capabilities and local experience in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. Its unique governance system fosters an unparalleled level of integration that aims to add value to individuals and multinationals with operations in the region.

About Fundación de Arte Arawak, Inc.

Fundación de Arte Arawak is a multicultural non-profit entity dedicated to stimulate, divulge and develop plastic arts as an essential factor in the development and growth of human beings in the Dominican Republic. It was created in 1993 by Mildred Canahuate Payán, Wendy Poloney Canahuate and Katia Poloney Canahuate, who continue to work permanently with a group of professionals of the art community in the development of programs and activities oriented to raise awareness on our highest national values and our cultural richness.