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Dominican Tax Authority (DGII) announces Changes/Creation of Tax Forms

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – Effective September 21st 2017, the Dominican Tax Authority (DGII), has been requiring all corporations, and entities without legal personality, such as trusts, investments funds and similar legal vehicles, to identify their respective ultimate beneficial owners pursuant to Law 155-07 against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.  To...
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Access and Transfer of Protected Data for Use in Cross-Border Litigation – Dominican Republic Quick Reference Guide

By Edward Salcedo, Partner Expertis Dominican Republic Does the Dominican Republic have legislative/regulatory framework (LRF) protection of personally identifiable information (PII)? Yes, Law No. 172-13 dated December 13, 2013 on protection of personal information recorded on files, public registries, data banks or other technical means for the treatment of data...
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